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What is a paint sealant?

Posted by billd55 
What is a paint sealant?
October 08, 2010 03:14PM
According to Wikipedia it is :
Paint sealant
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A paint sealant is a sealant that protects cars from ultraviolet rays and acid rain. Paint sealants protect cars' finishes, and can make cars shiny. There are synthetic sealants and carnauba waxes.

Salt may be a factor that many protective sealants do not defend against, and thus salt water may break down protective layers to get at the metal and corrode it.

What is the difference between a paint sealant and a carnauba wax:

Essentially the difference is in the ingredients. If the product contains any naturally occuring waxy substance such as Carnauba wax then it is a wax. If it is made from synthetic ingredients and contains no naturally occurring wax then it is a paint sealant.

However, there is another problem. There are no laws to stop a car sealant manufacturer calling their product a wax. The reason they do this is that that majority of people who will buy their product know they want to wax their car. They will therefore look for a wax in the shop. The majority of people won't care whether it is synthetic or not as long as it does the job they want it to do.

Bud made this statement:

How, you have not really explained that other than to say waxes are no good, yet you know nothing about what is in a wax.

Or, for that matter you do not seem to know what is in a paint sealant either.

My question to him is? Does he or anyone else know either? Basically, if the ingredients are natural than it is called a wax, and if not it is a paint sealant.Since there is no law on this matter. A manufacture can say anything
on the label and put whatever he wants in the product.

The next question I would ask. Are synthetic ingredients any better than
natural ones? Since manufactures do not list the exact ingredients they use on the label or literature then who really knows.

The term "paint sealant" can mean anything.Bud constantly says: there is only so
much chemistry can do.That may be very true.Although,how can you compare products
when you do not have a clue what is in them.

Well, lets go back to the Wikipedia definition of a paint sealant.

A paint sealant is a sealant that protects cars from ultraviolet rays and acid rain. Paint sealants protect cars' finishes, and can make cars shiny.

IMO it is testing the product for yourself is the only true test. Does it protect from UV rays and acid rain, and protect the clear coat. Most products on the market can make cars shiney, but vary greatly on the rest.

These are the facts. Bud, Ron ,or Kim Wilson can say what they want,but why are there no laws that regulate what a manufacture can put on a label or list the
product ingredients.The food industry does it. How could you determine the quality of food if the manufacture could say anything on a label, and not list the ingredients? There is no standard to compare anything against.

Are Zaino sealants the same as Bud's. Who truly knows. Everything is based on
on the shine factor and selling product. Protection is basically if water
beads on the paint,and nothing more.Terms like amino functional silicone fluids
are used to confuse and impress customers.

From what I hear from Bud is this: Every product on the market is the same.
Call it a wax or paint sealant there is no difference.In most every case,
that is true.

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Re: What is a paint sealant?
October 08, 2010 07:44PM
Interesting thread mate

BUD - every product on the market is the same
this is simply not true in every case. many do use the same chemistry but some of my suppliers have proven this wrong by not using polymer, teflon, acrylics, silicone, natural wax, beeswax and any other ingredients normally found in all other brands

there are water based sealants which IMHO - are not as good in preventing acid rain/water spot damage and break down with water

getting all technical, sealants are made of the following types

Amino functional resins - ZAINO and a tonne of other brand sealants (those that Autogeek sell)
This technology is old school really
Acrylic/Teflon - Toughseal, AT5, Permashine and others - very good protection though the 8% teflon is pointless. it doesnt offer anything in sealants except short term slickness

Some claim to be made from german super polymer chemistry (though that could be another one of those "BUZZ" words that dont mean shit

Gtechniq - Crystalline silane natural quartz silicone/silicate
Aquartz - titanium and quartz silane
Glare - sodium silicate (glass) with abrasive extracted out (according to the aussie seller/detailer of it)
Becomes part of and on top of the paint and replaces lost clear coat with this glass

then there are companies that are pushing the nano structured boundaries and producing virtually scratch proof coatings for automotive/aerospace that are 6 - 12H pencil hardness and one is a coating but also a coating and a paint in one and permanent for decades (spray on paint like application)
we spoke to the CEO of the leading company whilst I was in america and he said its at least twice as hard and far more protective from salt and other contaminants than paint and is at least twice as hard in scratch resistance as PPG Ceramiclear

the future really is with spray on glass, pour on glass (my own system) and these paint on half paint/half coating systems
Re: What is a paint sealant?
October 08, 2010 09:15PM
SVR73, the protective sealants sound interesting. I haven't heard of them but I haven't really been researching that side of product ranges. I have played around with Aquartz, Nanolex, etc. Thankfully Aquartz has changed its product because I found it impossible to work profitably with.

Who is making the harder coatings though. Are they available yet?

Also, my feeling is that the old school polymer sealants aren't that protective against salt. When salt is due to be used here in the cold weather, I've been using ReStructure Marine Polish, which seems to be great. Excellent gloss and very easy-on, easy-off. And they say it lasts a long time on boats, so I figure its got to give decent protection on a daily driver - a good season anyway.

Are regular sealants effective against salt though?
Re: What is a paint sealant?
October 09, 2010 04:57AM
yes you would be right about the polymers protecting from salt
I spoke to the CEO of the company producing this scratch proof coating and they will soon have an aerosol version too

He stated that typical sealants that detailers use that state cross linking, would barely cross link fully. reckons its just marketing buzz
Re: What is a paint sealant?
October 10, 2010 07:47PM
As has been stated previously regarding paint sealants, there are several factors that a chemist deals with when asked by the marketing and sales department to develop a sealant:

a. Price as it may have to compete in certain price range.
b. Shine - that nay be the biggest issue.
c. Resistance to Shampoos - who many washes can it withstand
d. Durability - overall how long will it last
e. Resistance to Acid Rain
f. Ease of application
g. Ease of removal

No one product can do it all. You have to choose what you are looking for in a product.

One feature enhanced over another can be to the determent of the other. For example ingredients that enhance shine are not durable. On the other hand ingredients that enhance durability take away shine.

Problem for buyer is you don't really know and it is hard to prove, for example durability
Re: What is a paint sealant?
November 24, 2010 12:51AM
Polymer Paint Sealant is a specially formulated chemical that provides the highest level of paint protection among all protective products. It contains a unique blend of acrylic polymer resins and high-grade levels of silicones that seal out environmental hazards and hide minor paint imperfections. Polymer Paint Sealant can be easily applied by hand or orbital polisher. Polymer Paint Sealant is a must in any detailing operation. Offer your customers the same quality service dealerships have done for years using Polymer Paint Sealant

Ruben Jr.


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Re: What is a paint sealant?
November 24, 2010 01:05AM
What is the difference between a high quality carnuaba wax with silicones and a high quality paint sealant with silicones. I heard that some sealants contain wax too.

Can you explain the differences and why to use one over the other?
Re: What is a paint sealant?
November 24, 2010 01:36AM
Sealants do not contain wax. Wax and Sealant is like saying Apples and Bananas. Sealant has acrylic polymers and resins that form a ionic bond to a paint system, giving you that longevity of 6 - 9 under perfect weather conditions. Don't get me wrong there are some good carnuaba waxes out there but will never compare to a Sealant. This is why dealerships offer this service and charge a premium price for the application of a Sealant.

Ruben Jr.

Re: What is a paint sealant?
November 24, 2010 01:45AM
Ruben you are unfortunately incorrect. Some paint sealants do contain some wax, our paint sealant DIAMOND Shine PLUS contains wax.

Do you know what a polymer is? It comes from the Greek, Poly meaning "many" and Mer which means "units."

So it means literally "many units" of what? You say sealants contain polymers, but the key is what kind of polymers? Polyurethane? Polyethyelene?

Paint sealants contain: water, solvent, oils, sometimes waxes, colorants, sometimes fragrances and polydimethol silicones which are an amino functional silicone that has to "air cure" on the finish of the paint. That is it, no magic, just basic chemistry.

Have you ever taken a detailing class on automotive paint finishes, chemicals, types of leathers, etc?

We have an excellent set of DVD's on the Technical Aspects of Detailing that cover all these things and more.

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