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Dash maintenance...

Posted by Toddco Bodywerkes 
Dash maintenance...
January 11, 2002 08:03AM
Many customers ask if something will be applied to their dash on their vehicle while detailing is being performed on their car. Once a protectant is applied to a dash panel/board, it should be done on a regular basis. This tends to be for the reason from drying out from not keeping a protectant on it.

While a protectant is being applied on a regular basis, the dash does not have time to dry out. Its surface is cleaned & the material that it is made up from is moistened with a protectant that puts a barrier on it from the hot sun rays.

I personally recommend all my customers to purchase the fine dash covers. They can be made up of a velour & also a fine carpet to match the interior of their vehicle. In the long run, their dash will always be in the brand new shape that is was meant to look like. Some people also tend to think that dash covers give their vehicle a fake look, that is why everybody is intitled to their opinion.
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