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Proceedure on a full exterior Detail...

Posted by Willy Bermell 
Proceedure on a full exterior Detail...
January 12, 2002 11:37PM
Hi all, back on the road again! As many have said, "New Year, is New Jobs!"
I wanted to post this question sometime ago, but wanted to try some things before doing it...
Say you have a full exterior detail (oxidized paint, dull apparence, slight microscratching and so on) My way of doing it is After a good wash (Gold Class Shampoo) I´ll go over the whole car with clay, after that I´ll usually use (only if the paint is in the before mentioned conditions, that is BAD!) Diamond Cut Compound (Foam Pad) After this step, I´ll give it a good two coats of Dual action Cleaner-Polish (to remove any scratching or marks from Diamond Cut) I´ll follow with a coat of pure polish (no abrasives) and the the wax will go on...
My question is, Where does the paint cleaner fit in? Do I have to use it in place of something else or maybe before-after one or another?
Doesn´t the clay act as a cleaner, removing all of the surface contamination?
I´d appreciate any comments, opinions, critics or whatever... We´re here to be the best! Aren´t we?

Thanks to all


Live a beautiful life, ride a beautiful car...

I think the cigars got lost on one of the airline flights or got locked up in customs in Los Angeles?

Your paint cleaner can be used right after using your clay system. The clay is not to be confused as a paint cleaner. Clay is to only be used to remove any industrial fallout, jet fuel & other light surface contaiminants that just happened to land on a exterior surface.

Other than that, it looks like you have all of your bases covered. Good hearing from you & welcome back to the new board. Tell the family that we all said Hi! your little one should really be sprouting up like a weed. Keep up the good work in Spain.


Todd Arroyo
c/o Toddco Bodywerkes
Re: Proceedure on a full exterior Detail...
January 13, 2002 06:14AM
The stench is building
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