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The first waxing

Posted by Steve Solomon 
The first waxing
January 14, 2002 01:40AM
Waiting delivery of my new car; a black non-metallic. Does the paint have to "dry"? If so, how long must I wait before it gets its first waxing? Thanks loads.
Re: The first waxing
January 14, 2002 06:29AM
The question is a little broad as you haven't explained if the vehicle is brand new or you have just gotten the vehicle out of the paint shop. If the vehicle is brand new, you can apply your favorite wax as soon as you can make the time to do it.

As for if your vehicle just got painted black, you must wait at least ninety days before you polish & wax it.

Hope one of these answers will help you out. Good Luck with your new vehicle?
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