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Posted by Greg 
January 15, 2002 05:52PM
I heard somewhere that you can't buff certain cars such as the Lexus and BMW is this true?
Re: buffing
January 16, 2002 12:54AM
who told you that?
Re: buffing
January 17, 2002 02:57AM
Re: buffing
January 17, 2002 03:01AM
Don't ever bring up my name again for something that I NEVER said to begin with. Don't start something that you can't finish.
Re: buffing
January 17, 2002 08:33AM
well to answer the original question on not buffing certain cars because of their exotic make........buffing is not something you should just do, buffing is a serious matter and should not be use even on a old pinto just for the hell of it, unless your just practicing. i reccomend mastering the buffing technique before applying it to any car. if you can always try to hand do everything. also know that nothing beats a good buffing job with a machine buffer, the results are more professional. if the car is new then keep the hands only technique. even if this doesnt exactly answer your questions, it was just important to remind yourself these things.
Re: buffing
January 17, 2002 01:11PM
It depends on what type of buffer and what type of product that you are talking about.

If you're referring to using a high speed buffer (rotary) and an agressive compound, the answer is NO. UNLESS you are buffing out scratches from wet-sanding a new paint job.

NO NEW CAR should be touched with a rotary (or need to be for that matter). However, if you are referring to using a random orbital with a fine polish such as Meguiars #3, #7, or #9 or a non-abrasive Carnuaba or similar product, go for it. A random orbital is easy to use, relatively safe, and makes the job easier and allows a much more even application of the polish/wax.

A random orbital is a tool of the gods for detailing cars that are like new or well kept.

If I remember Toddco right, THIS is the same advice he would give.

Don M
'02 Cavalier LSSC
2200 DOHC
Re: buffing
January 17, 2002 04:50PM
I assumed it "would" be something you would say.LOL
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