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Where the Hell have the old timers gone!

Posted by ebranden 
Where the Hell have the old timers gone!
May 02, 2012 04:36AM
I see that Bud, Ketch, Doug are still here! Where's Frank Canna, Joe @ Superior shine, Scott, Brian A., Renny Doyle, Willie "G"?? Well Hell, I've been out of pocket since April 5th 2006. Bad health takes a toll. I still see that there are some hell raises that have all of the answers, as the forum has had over the years. Looks like billd55 replaced C.M.Gaines @ #1 forum hell raiser, but what ever. I been reading some of your alls posts and go to hear back from a few. Lots of good new info, thats very helpful to all, and as Buds old saying Take out of it, what you want, and let the rest go! Who the F?+* is Grumpy 2 or better yet Grumpy 22, man there ain't but one Grumpy!. This guy was very helpful in getting me doing big truck (18 wheeler) Aluminum trailer refinishing. Thanks Grump! Sold the business since the 1st of the year, and done a project for my old employer Marathon Oil, and now happily retired, doing some work for my county government................Keep in touch Brandy!
Re: Where the Hell have the old timers gone!
May 05, 2012 07:12AM
Welcome back, Brandy !
Re: Where the Hell have the old timers gone!
May 11, 2012 01:05AM
Thanks Doug, it's been awhile for sure. I worked my shop night and day for over 3 years, and finally put together some good quality/dependable employees. Which in turn, cut my hours, and when I got back into to work its like the Good Fairies came through during the night. I had diabetis pretty bad before I started all of this, and not eating right, and long.long hours took atoll. I made one of my guys, actually made it to all of them, at a group meeting to buy me out, and keep on keepin on. Well it worked out for all of us, I'm happy into retirement. Well, I guess I should have sent this to your email address, as someone for sure, will be ripping my ass. Seems like there are still some bonified hell raisers, as there was before I left. Email you soon. To all others, sorry that I didn't email this letter to Doug, just excuse the ignorance of an Old Man!.............Brandy
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