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5 steps to better quality control.

Posted by GTR 
5 steps to better quality control.
May 27, 2012 10:24PM
You might spend 8 hours on a detail, but it’s the last 15 minutes that matter most. This is when you fine tune all those details that the customer is paying your healthy fee for. If you have a system, call it the “customer delivery” system, for checking your work, you can minimize all those “you missed a spot” comments.

5 steps to quality checking every detail:

“Three laps.”
Gather a microfiber towel, a bottle of detail spray, and a rag. Walk around the car three times looking high and low for any blemishes. You’ll spot wax/polish in the trim, unremoved wax, dry spots on the tires that didn’t get dressed, and the #1 most overlooked item: dirty spots on the wheels. Open doors and check the jambs. Peek in the interior and straighten floor mats and check map pockets, cup holders…hidden spots that get overlooked.

Recheck windows.
Windows always deserve a 2nd look. There’s always an angle where you can see more smudges. In particular, scrutinize the windshield, rear glass, and driver’s door mirror. That’s where your customer looks most while driving. Many times, I’ve even repositioned the car so sun came through the windows I was touching up.

Tidy up your workspace.
Store all rags, spray bottles, vacuum cleaners, etc. near your work van. Don’t pack them away…you might need them for corrections. And tuck in your shirt and drink a bottle of water. You should feel relaxed and confident when greeting your customer.

3 minutes in the king’s chair.
The customer is king and his throne is the driver’s seat. Straighten out vents, check that the steering wheel and turn signals are clean. When he reaches for his seat belt, the clip should be clean. Radio off. Heater/AC off. And when he shifts into Drive…the shifter gate must be free of dirt.

Have a “receipt & keys” routine.
Never hand over the receipt and keys until the customer approves your work. When you do hand them over (be sure to attach 4 business cards to the receipt), thank them for their business and ASK for their referrals and Internet reviews. If you did a good job, and they like you, they’ll be your “disciple”…if you just ask.

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Re: 5 steps to better quality control.
May 28, 2012 12:42AM

Everything you point out is very important, but you left out one important aspect of the delivery of the car to the customer which is:

"Inspect the car with the customer. Ask them to check everything: engine; trunk; interior; glass; exterior."

Literally beg them to find something wrong. That you and your people have attempted to do a perfect job, but you/they can miss something.

Involve them in the inspection. If they find something, apologize and fix it immediately and apologize.

When they are ready to leave tell them if there is "anything at all they find not to their satisfaction to call and you will take care of it."

Involving them in the inspection makes them somewhat responsible for anything they find later and they, in most cases, will take the responsibility for not seeing it when the car was at your shop.

Just some well intentioned additions you your 5 Steps to Better QC.

Bud Abraham
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