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OTC products.

Posted by Larry A 
OTC products.
June 05, 2012 02:47PM
Just to get things started again. What otc products do you guys use or recomend if any? I know that Bud doesent use any otc products, he doesent have too.
Re: OTC products.
June 06, 2012 01:34AM
no liquids, just some bulk microfibre thats good enough for wheels, tyres, arches and door jambs
Re: OTC products.
June 06, 2012 05:35PM
Larry, there is nothing wrong with over the counter products as long as they give you the performance of professional products.

For example, you can purchase 1/2 gallon of ready to use glass cleaner from the Dollar Store for $1.00. They also have other cleaners that would be equivelent to an all purpose cleaner for $1.00. Not sure how good they are, but $1.00 is a pretty good price.

I use the glass cleaner in my windshield washer. Pour 1/2 into the reservior and fill with water, works perfectly.

There are always creative ways to save money without loosing quality or performance.

As I have said about chemicals it is simple chemistry and there is only so much value you can put into a product, after that it is all packaging and marketing hype.

Bud Abraham
Re: OTC products.
June 21, 2012 04:51AM
Bud :
I've found big differences in products, as explained on my " test " and " product evaluation " threads .

A funny thing happened recently : I was watching cars go down our Main Street when a snazzy-looking red Toyota appeared. Someone blurted out, " There's a sharp-looking car ".
Then I notices a " Zaino Car Polish " sticker on the car's window . I guess someone else sees a difference in products .
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