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Population Vs Profit (any small-town detailers?)

Posted by Profile Detailer 
Population Vs Profit (any small-town detailers?)
June 07, 2012 10:40AM
Hi guys,

I'm thinking of moving shop to the town where I actually live. But I'm concerned about the population size which is about 5000 people.

It would cut out stuff like commute time & fuel expenses, etc... plus I'm closer if there are any emergencies on the home front!

Do any of you guys operate in low-density population areas?


Re: Population Vs Profit (any small-town detailers?)
June 09, 2012 12:05AM

Like you I live in a small village outside of Portland, 35 miles. The population is 6,000 and I have often thought if a detail business would work in our town.

Bottomline, I would not want to make the investment to find out. A 4 bay self service car wash on the main highway into town went broke, yet a car wash in conjunction with a quick lube business is flourishing. Maybe that is because you have to lube your vehicle and if you do not want to hand wash your vehicle you use an automatic car wash. As well, these two businesses support each other and share the overhead.

The only way I would operate a detail business in my village would be in conjunction with another business.

Bud Abraham
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