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Steam cleaning vs water and soap

Posted by personal touch 
Steam cleaning vs water and soap
December 05, 2012 02:55PM
Anyone here ever compare steam cleaning vs water and soap cleaning? Just curious as I stumbled across a local detailer here that uses steam and advertizes as being an eco friendly. This is the first I have ever heard of this process although i'm sure you long timers are familiar with this. Doesn't really seem to save time, just elimates the need for a huge water tank, uses less water, puts you in compliance with the waste water containment issue etc. Just wanted to see what the consensus was on this.

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Re: Steam cleaning vs water and soap
December 07, 2012 03:54PM

The concept of exterior steam cleaning has been around for, going on 20 years, in the USA. It was introduced by the Koreans.

It has never gone over very well, because it does not save time, requires a large investment and, as you say, only reduces the need for water and puts you in compliance with the Clean Water Act.

Personally I have found that waterless wash does as good a job. Even "steaming" a car requires you wipe the vehicle down so why not use a chemical that emulsifies the soil and also provides a barrier between the soil and the towel when wiping off.

Waterless wash is less than $20 a gallon and does not breakdown.

Smaller steam units are great for specific cleaning jobs such as wheels, door jambs, stain removal on carpets/fabric; cleaning map pockets; ashtrays, vents. Some use the steamer to clean vinyl and leather too.

If you are considering a "waterless" washing of vehicles look into the waterless wash chemical. Our WATERLESS WASH 'n SHINE is an excellent product, among many others.

Bud Abraham
Re: Steam cleaning vs water and soap
December 07, 2012 09:27PM

Thanks for the reply. You make valid points, here in Texas we are faced with the Clean Water Act more than other states. I believe Texas, California and Florida are the three states that seems to really enforce the CWA the most. In addition to the CWA, we also have periods during the summer where we are forced to conserve water and it's my understand that the full service car wash locations will be forced to stop operating if we ever reach the highest level(stage 4). Don't know if that's true or not but that's what I was told. Just thought I would ask about it.

I really need to get caught up with the different washing processes. This waterless method you mentioned is something I'm really going to look into, it also seems more affordable than the steam process. I have heard of it, just never really put to much thought into it. Also, do you have eco-friendly cleaners, dressing etc? Thanks again.

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Re: Steam cleaning vs water and soap
December 07, 2012 10:31PM
You are absolutely correct, those three states have stricter regulations reqarding water than the Federal Clean Water Act requires.

And, it is in those 3 states that mobile washing and detailing is popular because of the good weather almost year round.

If you are interested in waterless wash we have a great "lotion" product that is better, in my opinion, than the others which are a liquid like water.

Let me know

Bud Abraham
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