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Posted by buda 
May 29, 2013 10:15PM
If you do not keep your detail shop or mobile rig clean and organized, how will your customers and prospective customers view you, and your promises to clean their vehicle to a like new, spotless condition?

Organized is not the same as "clean." But clutter is not compatible when the message you want to convey is "clean."

Not only does a well-organized detail shop or mobile rig make a favorable impression on your customers, it also makes it easier to keep your shop/rig clean and to keep you and your employees working efficiently, not getting distracted looking for this and that.

Whether you work in a shop or out of a van or trailer, "everything should have a place and everything in it's place." This allows you to quickly find the tools and chemicals necessary for each detailing job.

As well, you can quickly determine if you have forgotten something when leaving for work if you are mobile or if you need to re-order for the shop. As well if you are mobile and organized you can see at a glance if you left something behind.

Based on what we see in detail shops and mobile vans keeping them organized and uncluttered would seem to be an impossible task. But it does not have to be the case. It is really up to you.

You can take advantage of suppliers who offer you a way to keep everything in its place. Shelves for chemical bottles, holders designed to fit sprayers, carts for supplies and tools.

Even when you think you have things organized, clutter just seems to show up. Compare it to a junk drawer that you have in your home. It keeps clutter "out of sight," but what a mess inside. This concept also applies to detail vans and trailers especially.


Acquiring new detailing equipoment, tools and supplies to keep you on the cutting-edge of detailing technology is very common for today's professional detailer. But it is not long before it becomes evident that more space is needed.

If you are buying a van or pickup consider an extended length van or pickup. Same with choosing a shop, get one with enough space for an equipment and storage room.

Should you not be able to buy a new van/trailer, etc or move to a larger shop just make sure you are utilizing the space you have in a productive way.

In both a van or shop there could be wasted space on the ceiling where you can store items.


If you eat lunch in your van or truck, have a litter bag. Empty soda cans or burger wrappers falling out as you exit the vehicle does not make for a positive impression.

In the shop have strategically located garbage cans as well as containers for dirty towels.


A bucket organizer or caddy of some type will help keep all your standard detail items together which helps with distraction and is a time-saver.

As mentioned a detail cart between the bays is very nice for a detail shop.


Have a scheduled time to clean the interior and exterior of the van or trailer every week.

If you have a shop, clean it every night, absolutely.

Remember if you are clean and organized for you it is maintenance cleaning not restoration

Bud Abraham
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