June 07, 2013 01:15PM
What's up guys, I don't know if some of you remember me or not since the last time I contributed to the phorum was 2006. My name is Philip and I slogged in the trenches and operated a mobile detailing business in Myrtle Beach, SC for ten years. I have now come full circle and I manage a team of five guys in the detailing department of a large Buick/GMC dealership in Myrtle Beach. I found this forum a couple of years into my business and it was invaluable for me. It was only boring if you don't like learning every tip, trick, technique, you possibly could from serious long time professionals. If you like bomb throwing, ridiculous claims for ridiculous methods, and just plain crazy talk then I guess it was pretty boring. Listen, this forum and members like Bud, Ketch, and Gina literally helped start my business and taught me techniques that I still use today on around 210 cars a month! I said all that to say this.....What in the world happened!!!!?? It's a totally different place and really bums me out because I am a guy who wants to stay on the leading edge of whats new in the detailing industry whether it be products or techniques but its a shell of what it once was. I've "trolled" around a bit and it looks like one or two guys have taken over. One of them posted for what must have been a thousand words that bird droppings that remain on a car become etched into the wax, and that it was the wax's fault! And he sounds willing to show up at your house if you don't agree with him. Is anybody moderating? Because I will tell you, coming from a loyal, former user who has been away for a while, it certainly doesn't look like it. What a shame.

Manager of detail Depmnt, Hadwin White Buick, GMC
Myrtle Beach, SC
E-mail: philipwsuggs@hotmail.com
August 08, 2013 04:10AM
Appreciate the kind words . The lack of a moderator has caused problems for this forum several times . You are free to take over and revitalize it . I don't have much new to add, unfortunately .

FWIW......My latest experiment was wiping on a quick coat of Zaino Z-CS Clear Seal . It is the easiest and fastest stuff I've found to apply and it shines brilliantly . Keep in mind that it contains no cleaners so you have to spend time polishing or otherwise preparing the surface before applying it .

Zaino Z-AIO ( All In One ) can be used as a one-step sealant and can be applied by machine . It should be faster than a two-step process ending in Clear Seal .

I used Zaino Leather Soft cleaner on the seats . It gently cleans and adds some oils to the leather . It won't take the place of Zaino " Leather In A Bottle " but it will allow a pro to quickly detail leather .

I tried using gas station blue paper towels on the interior windshield with lousy results .

I brushed the carpeted mats with Simple Green and pressure washed them . Some road tar remained on one mat, so I used Stoner's Tarminator to remove it ( some brown staining remains ) and washed it again to remove the odor of the Tarminator .
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