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Wax Treatment

Posted by Willy Bermell 
Wax Treatment
January 18, 2002 08:21AM
Hi guys, greetings to all... I wanna do my own car this weekend (Metallic Silver '01 Accord) I was wondering what would be best at the waxing stage (I´d like to use Gold Class, but I know that apart from being "the most reflective" it does not last too long on the vehicle, that´s a proven fact...) if two coats of Gold Class or One of Glod Class and on top one of High Tech Yellow Wax to "protect" it.

Would the High Tech "hide" the finall look of Gold Class or in turn would it mantain it but giving it more durability?

Thanks all


Live a beautiful life, ride a beautiful car...
Re: Wax Treatment
January 18, 2002 12:46PM
Willy, I have learned much from this board, I thought I would share with you some of the good results I've encountered. First of all, one of things that bothers me more than anything after working so hard prepping a car getting it ready for the final wax stage is working with a wax that is either hard to remove, leaves dust, or streaks and haze. I used a wax recommended by the members here for the first time the other day called p21s, said to be developed by a German chemist. This is what I found. I like the fact you do not let it dry before wipping it off. The first time I tried it I fell in love. I have not used it on an American car as of yet, but I plan on trying. It works Great on German cars for sure. It comes off leaving the surface smooth, with a great shine. No marks, no dust, just pure shine and protection.

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