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Paint Cleaner

Posted by Willy Bermell 
Paint Cleaner
January 18, 2002 08:28AM
Sometime ago I posted a topic upon removing wax and any treatment applied on the car previos to a yerly deep detail (some light polishing and so...) Most of you answered that I should use Quick Wax as it had some abrasive to clean in it, but I wanted to ask if Paint Cleaner would do the same job...

Thanks again,


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Re: Paint Cleaner
January 18, 2002 12:38PM
In our shop we have something called a special solution that we use to remove old wax/bugs/ just about everything to clean the surface to prepare it for polish/wax process. However, this chemical is so strong I need to wear rubber gloves to protect my skin. I have heard that some dish soap, which we usually avoid using because it removes wax, might be something to consider, since that is exactly what you want to do.

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