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UnderCoating Undercarriages...

Posted by Toddco Bodywerkes 
I have been asked many times on the proper ways to apply undercoating all vehicles undercarriages.

One of the first steps is to get the undercoating to properly adhere to the body structure of the wheel well areas or under the vehicles body pan areas. The result will be having your wheel wells or undercarriage floor pans sound dampening and also keeping unwanted debris & moisture from these areas.

Proper cleaning of the undercarriage is either using your favorite degreaser or using a high pressure steam cleaning system to remove all dirt, oil, & all unwanted debris.

After cleaning all of these areas, you can blow dry the excess water from these areas to completly dry out. You will now want to mask off unwanted areas that you do not want to get any excess undercoating spray on.

There are two types of undercoating. They are both rubberized but one is paintable & the other isn't. If you try applying paint via a spraygun method, the paint will just flake off the rubber & you have wasted all of your painted material. If the painted version is something that might interest you in the future, now is the time to apply it.

What you want to do in the application of the undercoating is to apply on a coat at a time. Never try putting on the whole can on all at once. First, the undercoating will drip off. Second, the coating will take many hours to set up & get firm for any other type of application.

Take your time & paint one layer at a time to build up the areas that you want treated. The most important aspect of this application is the prep work in cleaning prior to application & masking off the areas around your vehicles painted finish.

In the long run, your vehicles undercarriage will look very nice & detailing will be much easier for you to clean. The resale will also be a large benefit here also.
Re: UnderCoating Undercarriages...
December 14, 2001 03:45AM
i'll say one thing about undercoating; it works! proper application is probably only carried out by 10% of those who do it.
Re: UnderCoating Undercarriages...
December 14, 2001 04:52AM
Just try not to spray on axles, driveshaft, gas tank,etc.. I heard overheating can occur on many undercarriage parts if applied the wrong way.
Gas tank housings can be sprayed with an undercoating to prevent any severe rock debris from causing an unwanted rupture of the outer liner of the gas tank bladder.
Re: UnderCoating Undercarriages...
December 14, 2001 07:52PM
i have heard horror stories about guys doing the exhaust pipes and mufflers because they don't know what they are!i did have one guy tell me i got undercoating on his wheel and this caused his balance to go out. we pulled the wheel and there was no undercoating on there, just a missing wheelweight. this was on one of the SLP pontiac firehawks and the guy was picky. btw,sweet car!
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