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2001 E320 Mercedes Benz

Posted by Toddco Bodywerkes 
2001 E320 Mercedes Benz
December 14, 2001 01:41AM
Had a customer with this champagne colored Mercedes with a light cream soft leather interior with scuff marks on the bottom dash panel. Most people will use a cleaner such as Simple Green to remove such spots. In this case with this type of soft interior, Simple Green would be too harmful in any type of solution to use. I had use a light cleaning liquid compound & a small terry cloth towel & the scuff mark dissappeared along with the colored mark.

Some hard plastics which are put in some of the new vehicles can burn very easily & proper care should be taken. If you're not sure on such a product to use first, always try some simple soap & warm water first. A lot of the new liquid cleaners contain a high PH level & can cause major burns in plastic parts.
Re: 2001 E320 Mercedes Benz
December 14, 2001 04:47AM
At Detaildepot.com they sell a product called Solv-all, it is a citrus degreaser/cleaner that removes these scuffs safely. A liquid rubbing comound in my opinion is far to agressive for plastic, you will notice that the color of the plastic is faded slighlty now that rubbing compound is applied. You can dress these areas after applying a compound, but your just covering the damage.
Opinions are very good to have as noted as above. As to this procedure that was done. No color has been removed from the surface as the liquid was diluted with distilled water. As to covering up the damage, there was none & no dressing is ever needed for this procedure.

Any dressing that can be applied to any areas of the dash must be used on a regular basis for prevention of dryness. Once a dressing is applied, it must be continued on a regualar basis.
Re: 2001 E320 Mercedes Benz
December 15, 2001 04:51AM
Agreed, about the dressing on the dash. Did you ever notice that vinylex doesnt have this effect like the old story about armorall? Vinylex will last, I have seen with my own eyes, 5 months with periodic dusting with a microfiber cloth.

Your right, if you did not notice any marring of the plastic with dilluting the compound, you shouldnt need to dress this area since it is so low to the ground, dirt will attract to it, plus no one will see that it has a nice "dress" look to it!
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