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E-Type Practicality

Posted by Trevor Law 
E-Type Practicality
September 06, 2002 08:55PM
Hi there! I am Trevor Law based in Solihull, UK. I don't have an E-Type as yet. I have recently (last week) sold my XK150 drophead coupe after 14 years ownership. Although I enjoyed the XK it's fair to say it was pretty troublesome despite a fair amount of money being spent.

In the experience of users here; how practical has your E-Type been ?
I realise there are a massive number of variables but am interested in acquiring and using a good E-Type. A fixed head will be fine, as I run probably the best fun sports car available as an open car (2002 Lotus Elise) which is my company car.

Would be grateful for your feedback...

Re: E-Type Practicality
September 08, 2002 07:32PM

Re: E-Type Practicality
September 25, 2002 10:14PM

I bought first e-type roadster a couple of months ago.

Well sorted out just needing cooper craft brakesbecause oroginals stop too slowly where the car in fromt has modern brakes & conversion to unleaded.

Boot a bit small e.g. for golf clubs but ok for a couple of small suitcases

Use it all the time with no problem and very practical unless you are quite tall when it will be cramped.

Don`t use if roads salted!!!

Hope this helps.
Re: E-Type Practicality
April 29, 2009 11:06PM
I am based in Solihull myself, e-mail me and you can take a look around mine.
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