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Well-Travelled E-type

Posted by S. McCarthy 
Well-Travelled E-type
September 13, 2002 09:17PM

I would like to share with you the story of our 1969 e-Type 4.2 roadster/ left hand-drive, white with red interior.

It was purchased by my father in 1970 when he was working for a UK-based company in Tripoli, Libya. When he left, he shipped it back to Europe, and it was stored for varying periods in Malta, Italy, England and Spain. It was also driven for fun. The car is now in my possession, in California. We have spent a lot of money getting it into pristine condition - new floors, wheels, leather interior, shock absorbers, to mention but a few.

I love the car as it reminds me of my childhood, when my brother and I would squeeze into the space behind the front seats (don't try this on your own children!!) and my Dad would drive REALLY fast along narrow roads.

It gets many admiring glances and comments, and its a wonderful feeling to be behind the wheel on a summer's day.

Do any of you have any similar tales of a well-travelled car, or know its history from day one?

See you on the road!
<b>Re: Well-Travelled E-type</b>
September 15, 2002 08:30AM
<HTML>That sounds like an interesting E-Type!

Where in California is it (and you) located? The WebCars! offices are in the LA area.

Do you have any photos of your E-Type? If so, get them to me and we can share them with the other E-Type afficianados on the message board!


Paul Pollock
WebCars! Webmaster</HTML>
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