Dipping vs. Blasting?
October 07, 2003 04:39AM
I am beginning a restoration of my 66 roadster. In the past, I have had doors and other parts chemically dipped to remove all paint and corrosion...to clean metal and absolutely loved the outcome! But the whole car? Is there anyone out there that has had experience in this area? I love the idea of having the interior and underside clean. Resealing the inside of the sills and other hard to reach areas is my main concern. I thought of using a wand to access inside the sills with sealer through a 3/4" hole from the rear wheel wells that could then be plugged.
On the other hand, blasting would leave debris and dust...and not really do anything to stop corrosion in those inner areas. Your wisdom would be most appreciated BEFORE I commit myself.
John DeLay
Re: Dipping vs. Blasting?
October 07, 2003 11:48PM
Well, I think I have found the answer! SODA BLASTING. This is a regular food grade baking soda based media that removes paint, undercoating and contaminants via compressed air. The only thing it will not remove is bondo.
The soda dissolves away leaving zero debris unlike sand...And it will not leave a mark on the monique shell of our beautiful Jaguars! In fact they tell me you dont even HAVE to mask, it will not harm bearings or glass. Be assured that my car will be a bare shell to be done inside, under and out. How much??? He quoted me $3-400 to do it all! That sure beats scraping paint remover and sanding!!!

If this man wasn't already in business, I think this is something I would like to do on the side. That might be an idea for some of you out there.

Any other ideas or insight would still be welcomed.

Fellow Jag Nut
John DeLay
Re: Dipping vs. Blasting?
April 25, 2004 08:26PM
Have you tried this Soda blasting yet? I'm doing my '64 3.8 with sand, so far. I've only done the doors. I pulled the skins off the inner frame, so the cleaninig isn't tough, but even with a blasting cabinet, the grit is a mess. Any idea where one would acquire the Soda blasting medium?

Jim Jacoby
Sugar Land, TX
Re: Dipping vs. Blasting?
February 01, 2006 10:04PM
Soda Is The Way To Go
We Have Done A Ton Of E-Types

Bobby Patterson
Anonymous User
Re: Dipping vs. Blasting?
January 05, 2008 07:39PM
Great thread, but no one has tried this dip process? I worked the the Atlanta Delta Hangars for a brief time. They had numerous dips and worked marvels when entire tugs were stripped. Also had drive in media blast of all types. By far the dip was so complete.
Now my concern. I need to blast or dip my 67 ots. Dipping is my perfered and have one close by in the Birmingham area along with portable soda guys. Google soda blasting and you can buy one for the price of haveing it done. My concerns
Soda blasting stripps metal to a bare state, with water. Water rust metal...instantly once striped. What is applied to prevent this.
impatientcreations has this service and a short video in action on their site.
Soda and media doesn't get inside the A and B like I would like. Dipping is some nasty stuff and would need to be rinsed so as to stop the eating process, but can touch every inch of the boxs, nook, and cranny of a tub. From experiance the dip process can have three to four different vats to complete the process leading up to etching primmer. Expensive to maintain and probably reflects in trh3e price compared to soda.
Would love to read from some vetrains out there
Tom 1E13902
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