V-12 Ignition amplifier
March 12, 2005 07:58PM
I think my electronic ignition amplifier just gave up the ghost (1973 V-12 E-type). When hot the engine began to run rough at low RPM and eventually died. After it cooled a bit it restarted and I managed to get home. I know the location of the amplifier tends to make this a common problem but I also like to keep things looking original. Has anybody found a plug in replacement for the amplifier that looks stock? I'm aware of the retrofit that moves the amplifier to the front crossbar and of the Luminition options but would prefer to avoid those non stock looking conversions. I once remember seeing ads for someone who used newer, less heat sensitive, technology but can't find it now. Any/all help would be appreciated. Thanks.

1973 E-type
Re: V-12 Ignition amplifier
March 30, 2005 08:54PM
That would be SNG Barratt. They sell a pricey drop in replacement distributor and amplifier combination. If your distributor is in bad shape, then it might be worth it.

Re: V-12 Ignition amplifier
March 30, 2005 11:19PM
Thanks Steve. I spoke with Barratt and that seems like a viable option. In the meantime I'm doing a check on a few other components just to make sure the problem is the amplifier. I'm not 100% sure since usually when those parts die they really quit for good and the engine won't run at all. I can still get the engine to run but it has a constant, slight misfire. I'll tear into it in a few days and check everything out but I suspect I'll be buying the new amp setup.


1973 E-type
Re: V-12 Ignition amplifier
November 21, 2009 06:54PM
What you need is new a circuit board for the Opus ignition module, It is called Re -Opus sold through . I have this on two SIII E-types. It is the best product I have ever purchased for these cars.

Jim 1973 E-type
Re: V-12 Ignition amplifier
May 28, 2010 01:55AM
how do i know whether i need a new ignition amplifier on my 1980 v12? can u also give me detailed instructions of how you will replace it. thanks.
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SGBarratt distributor upgrade for V12
August 08, 2010 02:15AM
Hi all
Im new to the board, I live in New zealand and drive a 1971 S3 etype. I have done the re opus board on mine, and it is an improvement over the original. The guy who makes them lives in NZ. I have still had to have him fix mine twice. Missing is a symptom of problems with it.
I am thinking of fitting the SGbarratt HE distributor and amplifier, has anyone done this and how did it go?
Re: V-12 Ignition amplifier
December 07, 2010 04:43PM
Thanks for the info ^^"
Re: V-12 Ignition amplifier
December 07, 2010 08:03PM
I have now fitted the SNG barratt HE amplifier and distributor, and it has fixed all my problems.
The car now starts really well even when hot. There is no hint of a miss right up to near the red line.
I have done around 500 miles on it so far.

Anyone who can use a spanner and screwdriver can fit this themselves. Barratts supply a comprehensive, including photos, installation manual.

One of the best things about the barratt amplifier is that it uses a bog standard Gm part for the amplifier. I bought a spare through Amazon for around $40. It will be a simple unplug and refit if required.

One thing to note is that you must supply your old amplifier and distributor to barratts or pay a higher price. Barratts told me this was due to a shortage of original amp casings, and distributor bodies.

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Re: V-12 Ignition amplifier
April 08, 2011 06:50AM
Actually,I am thinking of fitting the SGbarratt HE amplifier,but i don't know about that.Has anyone done this and how did it go?Thanks!
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