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1967 E-Type Series 1, 4.2 litre Roadster "sticker price"

Posted by st7alex 
1967 E-Type Series 1, 4.2 litre Roadster "sticker price"
December 24, 2006 02:04AM
I used to own a 1967 Series 1, 4.2 litre E-Type Roadster (as a college student) back in 1971-1973. I'm embarrassed to say I paid only $1800 for it, and even more embarrassed to say I let it go two years later for only $2250. Had to get a "reliable" ride for grad school. Much as I loved it, this car did not in any way qualify as "reliable." After selling it, I used the proceeds to buy a BRAND NEW, Fiat 128 2-door coupe, which provided many years of cheap, reliable service.

Anyway, bottom line, I can't seem to find anywhere, what the original "sticker price" of this car was in 1967. Anybody out there have a price (besides "about 6 thou"), or a verifiable source? Thanks, Alex
Re: 1967 E-Type Series 1, 4.2 litre Roadster "sticker price"
January 16, 2007 03:40AM
Here is the best I can do with the available research material:

A Feb. 1967 article on a series 2 roadster puts the West Coast POE as $5854. Options included Chrome wire wheels for $132, White Wall Tires for $27.00 and $165.00 for an AM/FM radio.

A February 1965 Car and Driver road test listed the "Price as Tested: $5525.


Paul Pollock
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