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Color code help

Posted by BRG61 
Color code help
February 28, 2007 01:51PM
I am looking for the color code (PPG Code) for the British Racing Green used on the e-types in 1961. Many thanks.
Re: Color code help
October 04, 2007 06:38AM
Try the pages of "spiess-hecker.de" they have all the receips of jaguar coatings back to the early 50s
Their page is -as far as i know- only in german language available.
if you need any help - please contact me

Re: Color code help
December 01, 2007 04:46PM
Hello juergenwinkler
Thanks for the reply. Are you able to find the correct color code for the e-types 1961 British Racing Green on the page you mentioned I can't make head or tails from it myself. Many thanks.
Re: Color code help
February 11, 2009 05:33AM
There are many different shades of BRG. There are as many as 4 different Jag BRG shades with the same code. The one Ive found that most closely matches the original early 60's shade is made by BASF and the code is 7414. Its a darker variant as BRG's go. Be aware that different people have differing color recognition perceptions, so mix a small amount of the various shades (variants) spray them and let them dry. Color selection is a royal Pain!!!
Re: Color code help
May 14, 2010 02:51AM
thanks for the info guys

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Original matching color, opinions?
April 11, 2016 08:10PM
I noticed you post and am curious what opinions I can find about a E Type having the original color. I have a 63 coupe that had a complete color change early in its life, not sure why but I assume the owner liked BRG better than opalescent Yellow which I also prefer. Interior was changed to black as well. Never even noticed that the original color had been changed back in 1980 when the car was purchased, was only 20 years ago that I became aware that there was a color change when the complete drive train, rear cradle, suspension and front clip was removed to do a engine refresh and to prep the car for a fresh paint job as the color was fading, chipped, and started to have spider cracks so was checking the paint codes which did not match. I .
Due to moving, being busy and having other cars to work on the car was only recently put back on the road and unfortunately had the hood off all those years and it got a dent and some scratches.
I decided to changed the interior back to Tan which was the original color and give the whole car a fresh respray since it sat for the last 15 years in the garage and was damaged.
With the recent increase pries of E types I am questioning my decision to repaint the car in BRG because if how some seem to value everything matching the factory spec. I do not intend to show the car, sell and I don't really care at this point if the color matched the factory codes but I do wonder what others who may know more about selling a matching numbers car that has not been molested other than a color change feel.
Is there that much value added by restoring the car with the proper color that it left the factory with.
Personally I don't care if the colors matches the original since its being repainted and was not bought as a collector car. I only care that the paint job was done properly and does not have traces of older paint or colors showing.
The color changes was done complete when ever it was done, had a hard time finding any traces of the paint that it was suppose to have and can't even say 100% for sure it was yellow originally. The original owner can't be found but I have the registration but the car was bought in California and they didn't show the color on the registration.
In the end I will stay with BRG but perhaps if I were to ever sell the car would it be worth the effort and cost to return it to match whats the codes are on the door tag?
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