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Jaguar E-type 4.2 but what series?

Posted by jrufigo 
Jaguar E-type 4.2 but what series?
May 02, 2007 09:42AM

I recently found a Jaguar e-type that I would like to buy ... but what series is it?

I do not want to contact the owner before knowing exactly what is it and being able to make a reasonable offer.

Here are the pictures, not very good but should be enough. My guess is that it is the 4.2 Series 2 OR 1.5 but I am not sure... three windshield wipers, no cover on the headlights but quite small front "mouth", latches for the hood are inside... btw, can the hood be removed to make a convertible?


TIA, it would be a dream to buy it!!!
Re: Jaguar E-type 4.2 but what series?
May 05, 2007 01:58AM
Looks like a 1968. According to [web-cars.com] :
1968 was the year for the Series 1 1/2 cars. The Series 1 1/2 designation was popularly adopted; the factory never recognized the term and regarded 1968 E-Types as Series 1, an easily confused fact due to the appearance differences. This area is sometimes debated with some claiming that "Series 1, open headlight variant" as the official designation. It is a confusing year for the E-type with a lot of turmoil brought about by safety and anti-pollution regulations of the US government. Some manufacturers (Austin Healey, for example) chose to give up in the face of the requirements. Many of the changes occurred at various times in the production year, a source of headaches for concours judges and restoration shops. The most significant exterior styling change was in the headlights, where the glass covers were replaced with an open design. Further confusing the issue is that there were a number of open headlight cars for the 1967 model year; they are regarded as Series 1 cars despite their appearance.

>>TIA, it would be a dream to buy it!!!
Be careful what you ask for, you might get it!


Paul Pollock
WebCars! Webmaster
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