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Help! EType 2+2 Sub frame dimensions req'd

Posted by goveri 
Help! EType 2+2 Sub frame dimensions req'd
July 26, 2007 09:27PM
Hi - I have a 1969 Series 2 2+2 garaged at my old house that became my ex-wifes house after our recent divorce (her fault, not mine!). I've had it stored for 18 years and don't have ready access to it. Im trying to make arrangements to get it out of there and over to my new place, but having measured my new garage here its shorter than my old one, so the car would seem to be a couple of centrimetres too long!

I dont want to have to rebuild the garage, but I need to move the car or she is threatening to sell it. I wondered if anyone was able to tell me the length of the car WITHOUT the bonnet on (i.e how fardoes the chassis extend)- I cant find this info on theweb, and I cant get to the car yet to measure it myself - maybe I can store the bonnet off the car to get the car to fit? Would really appreciate a response
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