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series 2 with su's

Posted by mjfmiller 
series 2 with su's
November 07, 2007 11:06PM
Of all the standard production E-Types would the series 2 coupe with triple su's have the best overall performance? They sold these in Europe; does anyone have performance info on these cars?
Re: series 2 with su's
November 17, 2007 11:26PM
I have owned a S2 with twin Strombergs, re-imported to the UK, and now own two S2s a coupe and a Roadster which I hire out in the UK.

The UK/European spec 3 SU car is definitely much quicker and much more responsive than the twin Strombergs.

I can't comment on the best overall performance as I haven't driven them all but conventional wisdom says the following:

The early S1 3.8 litre engine is shorter stroke than the later 4.2 so is more revvy and more responsive, but has less torque. The UK/European spec S2 with 3 SUs is meant to deliver more power overall but not quite as quickly due to the longer stroke. The US spec engines with twin Strombergs and pollution control stuff are much slower - down on power by about 30%.

The V12 in the S3 only brought the usable power back up to the level of the 3.8 and the car was heavier.

The other thing to bear in mind is the gearbox and brakes.

Early S1 had the notorious Moss gearbox. No synchro on 1st and a slow gearchange. From the 4.2 onwards the much better Jaguar gearbox was used.

Early brakes were very poor with a rubbish servo and very small (1 inch square) brake pads. The brakes were improved from the S1 4.2.

The purists like the S1 for the faired in headlamps, so go for a S1 but with 4.2 litre engine, better gearbox, brakes and seats.

I hope that helps.

Tony Merrygold
the Open Road - Classic Car Hire
Warwick - England
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