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question, leg room in E-Type

Posted by wingman 
question, leg room in E-Type
November 15, 2007 11:44PM
I'd love to get an E-Type but I am 6'6" tall. Therefore an OTS is out of question. I don't have the opportunity to "test-sit" a Coupe or 2+2.
Supposedly the Coupe has a little more leg room and the 2+2 even more.
Can anybody help me with information what leg room is concerned.
I would appreciate it.
Re: question, leg room in E-Type
November 17, 2007 11:14PM
I have owned a S2 2+2 and currently own a S2 Coupe and a S2 Roadster which I hire out - although in the UK so probably not a lot of use to you.

You would not fit in either a Coupe or Roadster.

There is more leg room in a 2+2 but probably not enough. However if you did not intend for anyone to sit behind you, you could probably unbolt the seat and move it back a bit as long as you made the new fixings strong enough.

It partly depends on whether your height (length) is in your back or your legs.
The 2+2 also has a higher roof which will help with the headroom.

A S3 OTS is based on the longer body so you may be able to fit if you could move the seat mountings. And with the hood down you would have infinite headroom.

Tony Merrygold
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