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The good news and the bad news and 5 questions...

Posted by deltamiketango 
The good news and the bad news and 5 questions...
April 26, 2012 10:44PM
The good news is that I am in the market to buy an Jaguar XK-E Series III roadster. The bad news is that I haven't found the right one one yet.

I know a four speed is ideal for some but for practical reasons, it seems the automatic is what I am looking for this time around. Does the choice effect purchase price?

For creature comfort, air conditioning is another option I'm hoping to find in the same vehicle. Does the choice have any drawbacks on performance?

Is there a source that lists original interior colour options (e.g., biscuit) and exterior colour options (e.g. Regency red)?

As far as restoration, are replacements parts easily found (e.g., convertible top, seat kits)?

Lastly, if one were to buy a vehicle in excellent condition and price, what kind of paper trail/records are key to establishing value (given Carfaxing, I've been told, is not available on vehicles as old as these)?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts shared.

Re: The good news and the bad news and 5 questions...
April 27, 2012 05:22AM

All other things being equal, an automatic will cost less than a four speed in the vintage of cars we are talking about here.

A/C affects performance mostly with the fact that the added weight will slow you down. As a percentage it isn't significant, so if you want comfort and live in an area where it would be often needed, go for it. The E-Type is not a lightweight race car, so IMHO, A/C is appropriate.

Replacement parts are reasonably EZ to find, but the quality ones are not cheap.

Any documentation is helpful. If you have it all going back to the original purchase, that would be great. Service records are critical here, the more the better as it can tell you a lot about your car.

Try reading my article at my article at [web-cars.com] It's geared towards Corvette purchasers, but much of the info applies. There is also [www.xkedata.com] and [www.jag-lovers.org]

Good luck.
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