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window scratch remover

Posted by Rick Stewart 
window scratch remover
November 04, 2002 02:20AM
Own a 70 GTO. I have all side windows & rear out of car. There are a number of scraches in all the glass especially the rear & driver side window. Eastwood Co., has a kit available to remove all scratches which is advertized on their web site. Has anyone ever used there scratch removal kit & if so do you recommend it?? Help anyone!!. Thanks Rick
Re: window scratch remover
November 05, 2002 12:18PM
Someone once told me Jewelers paste will polish marks off of glass. Never tried it though. Eastwood has a good reputation in the USA for quality products so I would try it on the lower sections of the quarter glass below the window weather strip moulding rubbers and see what happens.
If you do please post it here so we may all get the benifit or warning.
Re: window scratch remover
December 03, 2002 09:31PM
I own a 68 Goat, also with all side windows badly scratched from lack of window felts. I also would be interested in the results.
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