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Low Beams- 70 GTO

Posted by Robert David 
Low Beams- 70 GTO
November 09, 2002 01:10PM
OK it was raining the other day and my Low Beams - both of them stopped working, on the very off chance both bulbs burned out at the exact same time - yeh I know.... I replaced them both- still NO Low beam ... so next I put in a newer dimmer switch- nada..... (All 4 High Beams do still work as do the parking light, etc.- just no lows.) Where do I start troubleshooting wise? HELP!
Re: Low Beams- 70 GTO
November 09, 2002 02:31PM
You will have to get yourself a electrical tester(12 volt)& with the light switch on trace back the wires to see were the power stopsas indicated by the little light in the tester.. you have a bad wire or connection somewere. Should be easily found with the tester. Good luck. Rick
Re: Low Beams- 70 GTO
November 14, 2002 09:19PM

I used a test light and determined the following:
on the console (head light switch) I have power running out of that switch to all three color coded wires that run down to the floor dimmer switch- colors are Blue- Brown- Green.
However at the dimmer switch plug on the floor I only get a positive current test to the one Blue wire- the other 2 that run into the connector are dead- these wires also run back behind
the fuse box.... I also see where it looks like there was some melting around the two (green-Brown on the plastic plug - where the dimmer switch unit plugs into- do I splice into them to see if they are live at all- or what???? ???
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