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1968 GTO w/ Pontiac 428ci.

Posted by BWill 
Re: 1968 GTO w/ Pontiac 428ci.
January 21, 2004 08:58AM
Author: dmcgood (---.dsl.rcsntx.swbell.net)
Date: 01-08-04 11:17

I'm a new owner of a 1968 GTO, could anyone give me a good email, phone numbers, etc. for parts, accessories, etc.


If you are looking for perf. parts and excellent tech advise go to pontiacengines.com.

Bruce Fulper is the coolest Pontiac builder I have ever had the opportunity to talk to.
Re: 1968 GTO w/ Pontiac 428ci.
January 21, 2004 09:24PM
To Will Ashlin:
you may look at the following link:


I purchased their book called "pontiac parts location guide" (or similar) and it actually contains hundreds of addresses of suppliers of all various classic Pontiac parts. I can recommend it.

Petr Divis

Petr Divis
Re: 1968 GTO w/ Pontiac 428ci.
January 22, 2004 04:08AM
Petr Divis I was actually relying to dmcgoods question. But thanks for the info. I will definately check it out. I could use a book like that.

I do have a situation some of you may be able to help me with though. I have a 71 Pontiac 400 that I put in my wifes 85 Cutlass. I did a mild rebuild with .030 overbore, forged pistons, chromemoly rings, 75 HEI dist, 1.65 roller rockers, Holley 600 Dbl pump, and not sure what cam specs are but it is one better than an RV cam.
My problem is that when I can get it to run it backfires alot. Mostly when I try to put my foot in it, usually dieing as a result. I have been told quit a few reasons for this but the advice is from local parts store guys who don't mess with performance rebuilds too much. The timing is set @ 8* before TDC as recomended by the parts store. They keep telling me it's timing or the carb is too small and/or out of tune or the fact that I don't have exhaust yet.
I am working on getting exhaust put on. But as far as tuning the carb, I really don't know what I am doing.

Can you guys give me some ideas? I appreciate any help or comments I can get.
Re: 1968 GTO w/ Pontiac 428ci.
January 22, 2004 06:04AM
It almost sounds like the power valve in the carb is stopped up or maybe ruptured. Is the carb used or did it setup for a long time with gas in it or was it new??.

If it is used you might take to some one who is very familer with holly carbs and have it rebuilt as they can be a pain if your not sure what you are doing. There could be a number of other things but it sounds to me like Holly carb problems. One other thing are you sure the firing order is correct for the engine as the dist rotates clock wise
Re: 1968 GTO w/ Pontiac 428ci.
January 22, 2004 09:15PM
Hey it's Will. I forgot my password so I reregistered.

Anyway The carb was new when I started. The power valve has been replaced numerous times with no results. I have checked the firing order a bzillion times, however I thought the dist turned counter-clockwise. Anyway, whichever way it turns, it has ran. I just can't keep it running for more than a day or two.
Re: 1968 GTO w/ Pontiac 428ci.
January 23, 2004 06:59AM
I could be wrong about the dist rotation as I have not worked on Pontiacs for a long time. However it could be the timing chain may be off one tooth as that could cause the same problem you are talking about. That would be one of the things I would check
Re: 1968 GTO w/ Pontiac 428ci.
January 25, 2004 03:28AM
Well I played with it some more today. I cleaned the plugs, rechecked the timing, checked the firing order, and messed with the air/fuel mix. Everything seems ok except now it is backfiring out of the pass side exhaust at idle and mid rpm and still out the carb. when I put my foot in it. I haven't been able to check the cam timing yet but I will try to do that tomorrow. BTW the dist does turn counter-clockwise.

Thanks for all the help guys.
Re: 1968 GTO w/ Pontiac 428ci.
January 28, 2004 04:51PM
I understand where your coming from! My husband and I just purchased a 68 GTO with a 428 & a 428 badge on grill. I have been searching high & low for information as well. If you find any info on the value or any further info, please share and we will do the same.
Re: 1968 GTO w/ Pontiac 428ci.
January 28, 2004 05:00PM
Well Mr. Williams you seem very confident and knowledgeable, however I, like at least two other people in forum, just purchased a 68 GTO with a 428 and a pretty little ORGINAL 428 badge on the grill. Your comment to the other user about him having one in a million, well there must be at least two. Maybe you haven't exhausted all your research opportunities. There is always new information to learn. Whether it came from the factory or the dealer, they exist and someone manufactured them.
Re: 1968 GTO w/ Pontiac 428ci.
January 30, 2004 10:18PM
THe 428 was not a dealer option it was a police option in the USA never was a 428 put in any GTO USA or CANADA the 400 was the only motor ever used in these year's If it has a 428 badge it's not orig, NOT... You do your research I have for many year's . they did not come factory nore dealer..Pontiac Did not swap motor's like Chevy's dealer's YENKO NICKEY COPO was the only factory instaled 427 except the ZL1 the all aluminum 427,ZL1..the rest are dealer's . Pontiac never had a high out put after market dealer that instaled 428's nore any other motor they didnt put them in from the factory nore dealer I have invoice's option book's and i do research for PHS.
never was there one build the 428 was in a bobcat a lemans tempest and a few other canadian car''s
also there in the big car's Bon's Cat's,etc 428 was a police issue and was instaled factory for the highway patrol city etc...So If you want to argue go ahead untill i see the factory paper's dealer etc,,, It was never a GTO..
As I say I do research true and for PHS and i have never seen a 428 option gto didnt happen would happen Jon Delorian would let it...Try again.. People out there come up with the weirdest thing's.Go find out your self .It's not hard you have a computer every thing is out there check out PHS.com pontiac historical service.com give them 35.00 get the info If your right ill be the first to admite it but your not because they never had a 428.
IN any gto or firebird.Dont knock me untill you know 100% and I'am 100% sure. The Pontiac Guy
TravisWilliams@EdWilliamsMachine & automotive. So now I guess this GTO is a police issue Right not.....LOL scotty beam me up.....DO YOUR RESEARCH
I dont care if the car say's YENKO there are so many fake car's out there and there mostly all GTO's The GTO is the most cloned car next is the SS/RS camaro. Fact is your wrong .

travis williams
Re: 1968 GTO w/ Pontiac 428ci.
January 31, 2004 06:43AM
I'm no GTO genius like Travis, but I have been doing alot research on this mystery 428 GTO and I have yet to find anything....I've checked books, internet, ect...and I can't seem to find one that exists. The best thing that could be done is send off your $35.00 to PHS and find out for sure what you have. Another thing, I find it rather funny how Travis' intelligence is insultated time and again. People come into these forums blowing smoke up everybodys butts not thinking there are people here that know a thing or two about GTOs. Travis is the Pontiac Guy...so if you want to ruffle feathers go to a Ford forum lol!!!
Re: 1968 GTO w/ Pontiac 428ci.
February 02, 2004 05:28AM
Thank You!!!!!!!!!!
Travis The Pontiac Guy

travis williams
Re: 1968 GTO w/ Pontiac 428ci.
February 03, 2004 07:59PM
My apologies if you were insulted, I stated promptly that you were confident and knowledgeable, that was a compliment, not an insult. Obviously you have done a lot of research and know a great deal about these cars. Why is everyone so defensive in here? And why about this one subject????? I don't have a lot of spare time to argue nor am I the one to argue, I know very little about these particular cars, obviously, that is why I'm researching. All I know is what I saw and what I purchased. I know ppl change things, That is why I'm digging for info. to see if I indeed ran across something unusual (or not). I do know I have a 68 GTO 2 dr hardtop that is in pretty good condition (I ran the VIN & data plate info aside from knowing what they look like - been around classic cars my whole life, mostly chevy's - pontiac fever is fairly new to me) I got very excited when I saw in this forum that someone else had came across something similar to what I had found, decided that somewhere, someone along the way had made some modifications to these cars and I'm very very curious and anxious to find out about it. the things that are differant on this car from a "regular" GTO, the GTO 428 emblem for example are not things that just any "Joe Blow" can go out to the local swap meet and buy. So....if I had any argument at all, I would have to base it on that and that isn't much, but someday I'll know. I can't wait to get this car back into shape and I just want to do it justice. I intend to mail my money and info off to PHS, I think that's wise (I also realize that will only tell me what the factory did and nothing after) and I continue to do research and will continue until I'm satisfied with what I find. I realize these cars did not come out of the factory that way (so PHS isn't really going to tell me anything I dont' already know) and from what I can tell it's a remote possibility that modifications were made at possibly two dealerships. Maybe, I don't even know that for sure. I intend to find out. I'm a paralegal and well on my way to law school and do research for a living, I love it and I"m good at, if the info is out there, I'll find it. Hence, causing my comment about exhausting your resources because I don't think anyone can ever quit learning about things. I have also found contact information for people who seem to know what they're talking about who agree with what I am thinking about this car, I intend to contact them directly and ask questions. May or may not do me any good, may be a complete farce but I'm not going to give up. I felt sorry for how you responded to that other man, you were pretty condensending but yet don't want to be treated that way. So.....my apologies again if you were insulted by what I said. Have a nice day.
Re: 1968 GTO w/ Pontiac 428ci.
February 03, 2004 11:11PM
Glad you're a Pontiac fan, Diane. And I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun with your GTO. I sure enjoy this hobby of ours and have met some very nice people. Don't let the negative comments on this board bother you. There are a few narrow minded people out there who think they're real tough, but we all know it doesn't take a big man to insult people on the web. Probably a 14 year old kid using his moms computer.
Re: 1968 GTO w/ Pontiac 428ci.
February 04, 2004 06:39AM
i like the 14 year old kid comment. And i gotta say this must be some type of a record because i will be the 44th person to respond to whoever first opened this topic. interesting. Lance
Re: 1968 GTO w/ Pontiac 428ci.
February 04, 2004 08:32AM
ok you all made me do it i have been looking at this post for a bout a year now never posted any thing well i did to day to travis about the hurst emb. but 44 post this is got to stop ok well travis you are good on pontiacs well me to i did all my digging up stuff about 15 years ago well ok some wont like me but it needs to be so to the big 428 deal thank what you want but pontiac did not put 428 in a gto but royal pontiac did dont thank so just ask milt schornack or sid warren or brian dowlish thay know thay all worked at royal at the time and did the swaps please dont hate the player hate the game for you guys that dont thank so call one of the men who did it and ask them hope i did not make any one mad but it needed to be
ps travis you are smart on pontiacs sorry i had to say it

Re: 1968 GTO w/ Pontiac 428ci.
February 04, 2004 03:22PM
Thank you very much T Smolinski, Lance Q & Mark Newsome, I knew I wasn't losing my mind and I appreciate your input here. I do have contact info for Milt and intend to be talking with him real soon so I can get this car back to the way it should be. Can't wait to cruise! Thanks again you guys!
Re: 1968 GTO w/ Pontiac 428ci.
February 07, 2004 02:00AM
You have a nice day also Enjoy.You find out any info Please let me know I would love to have it
The pontiac guy
to many cars to list Travis

travis williams
Re: 1968 GTO w/ Pontiac 428ci.
February 07, 2004 02:12AM
No Problem A ROYAL is not a GTO so what are yu thinking about and Iam not 14 i'am 33 matter of fact Iam also CEO of Williams Machine in boardman, oregon,, My father owns the shop..P.S Ive also do research for PHS and send them info on any GTO pontiac etc etc that i come across ive read thru and have friends that also are researchers for the same They also have never heard of any GTO with a 428..a bobcat Royal is not a GTO Its a bobcat and they are rare but they are not a goat that is my agrument thank you very much And yes they came with the 428 read thru from the top again and you tell me when i said any thing about it not being Royal bobcat nore did i ever say any thing about the 428 I said that it wasnt in a goat .when did a Royal bobcat become a GTO .The Pontiac Guy
TravisWilliams@EdWilliamsMachine 68 gto RA and a 68 GTO convert. you have the info that it is a gto send it to me I would love to have and Ill eat my word's Travis

travis williams
Re: 1968 GTO w/ Pontiac 428ci.
February 07, 2004 02:50AM
DianeHere We go And we can all start over again
If it's a gto than I'am sorry for my Stupid Mouth running off I was Trying to say with out geting all this was that I never heard of a gto factory or dealer instaled 428 I know about the Royal bobcat's that are Quit sought after. they I know for fact have a 428 I never heard of a GTO go'ing thru the change from GTO to BOBCAT still havent seen any dont mean they are not out there.I have been told and have read that it was a leman's or tempest that went thru the change.Not ever a goat If so then Iam WRONG and ia'm sorry but I would love to see your info...You cant blame me for that.
E-mail if you would like anoingu@yahoo.com i would like to have your info for my collection AND to share it with some friend's...reasonable.....I didt mean to afend any of you If i have Iam sorry.....I stick to my gun's And i have done alot of research.Ilot I have book's and book's of info on any gto's from 64 to 70 those are my years' but I have never heard of a GTO BOBCAT
If that is waht they are call'd.Please share with me.
your Vin is a( 242) code right GTO. and like i said before they are a rare treat if fact is fact....Travis with his tail between his leg's the pontiac guy
Traviswilliams@EdWilliamsMachine.boardman,oregon and again sorry please share

travis williams
Re: 1968 GTO w/ Pontiac 428ci.
February 07, 2004 02:58AM
Diane Please e-mail me any info you might have on this I would love to have it anoingu@yahoo.com and iam not 14 I'am 33.. sorry for any thing i have said on this forum Like you said you can always learn some thing new Yes and I wont too The pontiac guy
TravisWilliams@EdWilliamsMachine boardman oregon

travis williams
Re: 1968 GTO w/ Pontiac 428ci.
February 07, 2004 07:54PM
Travis, hate to correct you but you said that dealerships never swapped 400 for 428. Well if Royal did it then a dealership did swap. And a Royal GTO is still a GTO just with some different things on it. A BOBCAT was a either a Bonneville or a Catalina that is how they got the name for it.
Lance Q
February 29, 2004 12:44AM
What is the name of the tranmission in a pontiac leman 1968 or 1970..

What is the name of the transmission in a pontiac leman 70s
February 29, 2004 02:21AM
Automatic or a 4 speed?
March 31, 2004 06:05PM
great reading all the info on the 428ci also what models in came in. 428 is a great engine. Did the 428 come in the 68-69 SJ - Grand Prix?
March 31, 2004 10:19PM
I'll take a burger and fries and a coke. Interesting reading. I still have a 1970 GTO I would sell to some lucky individual. Have sent my $35 to PHS so I should know real soon if its a Judge or not. It is restorable but I don't have the know how, tools, time, or money. I think its a GTO, it might be a mustang or Camaro, but it says GTO so I guess its a Corvette. Gee!!! too many things to know, what's a man to do.
November 17, 2004 04:25PM
This is an old topic and stirred quite a bit of controversy especially for Travis. Him & I went back and forth a little bit regarding the 428 being put in GTO's, etc. I wanted to let him and everyone else know that had been keeping up with this that I did contact Milt Schornack of Schornack racing. I'm sure you Pontiac fans are quite familiar with who he is. In any case...I e-mailed him and I have pasted his response here for you all to see. As you can tell there were 428's put in GTO's at dealerships just as I thought. Our question and his response is also posted on his website under FAQ's in case you care to see it there. So travis here's the info I found and to all who didn't call me crazy...Thanks so much. Take care!

428 Question: Chad and Diane wrote in about a 68 project car

Milt, we recently purchased a 68 GTO that needs restored. We are a little baffled by a couple of things and are trying to find out as much info as possible on this car before we begin the actual restoration. We have been in a great deal of controversy over this car and everyone I have contacted told me to get in touch with you. I ran the VIN and it is indeed a 68 GTO 2 door hardtop. It has a GTO 428 badge on the front grill. Everyone is telling me this is impossible, that it didn't happen. The research I have done thusfar says that certain GTO motors were swapped at the dealership you used to work for (400's for 428's) Is this true? If so, would it be possible that we may have ran across one of these rare machines? I wonder if you would be able to tell us where to go to find the documentation on such a thing. I would appreciate any input you can give us so that we may get started on this as soon as possible. Thanks for your time.


Chad & Diane Wright

Chad a Diane,
Thanks for the letter! I am glad you found us on the internet.
Now to the questions:
#1) No 428's, that I know of, were produced from the factory.
#2) Dealers across the country, including Royal, did installations of 428's.
#3) Royal Pontiac did 3 of them.
#4) Documentation would be hard to come-by. It would probably be a hand written invoice from a dealer.

It sure sounds like you are very enthusiastic about your passion. Thanks again for contacting us and good luck in your restoration!

Milt Schornack
February 21, 2005 08:41AM
traviswilliams quoted:
"a 428 that was made for only two years"

Maybe that was a typo but, the 428 was produced 67,68 and 69.
February 21, 2005 02:58PM



March 19, 2005 05:25PM
Hearsay info. I have a 66 GTO with a 428, but I put it in. I once met an elderly Pontiac Dealership owner, I believe the dealership was in St. Paul. I visited his home and saw pictures of 60's stacked headlight cars, so I asked about them and told him what I had. He told me that he had GTO with the larger motor, factory installed. Now I cannot remember which year of car, or whether it was a 421 or 428, but he told me that he was at the factory with Mr. DeLorean, and was present to watch 'HIS' car being assembled. Mr. DeLorean personaly 'swapped' in a larger engine. I believe this gentleman was telling me the truth. I have no idea if the paperwork that went with the car would have reported this.
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