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1965 GTO Splitters...need help!!

Posted by gto65goat 
1965 GTO Splitters...need help!!
April 02, 2007 05:59PM
I just purchased a 1965 GTO Convertible from the 4th owner.
He did not have the Splitter Exhausts, so I ordered them from Ames, along with the brackets. Of course these are reproduction units.
My question:
I believe the Splitters will position themselves once I attach the brackets to the frame. However, I'm not sure what curved pipes I need to purchase, so as to tie this altogether?
Does anyone have a picture or two you could sent me?
Presently, the exhaust setup is straight pipes after going over the rear axle coming out just beyond the rear bumper, on each side of the fuel tank, with chrome tips...not a bad look at all, but I prefer the Splitters.
What I think I need is the curved pipe that is required for both sides, after the pipe comes over the axle?
Would appreciate any suggestions.
Thank you,
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