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Cans of R-12 needed to fill AC system

Posted by peabody67gto 
Cans of R-12 needed to fill AC system
May 28, 2007 02:56PM
Hi, I am the 2nd owner of a original 67 I got from the original owner 15 years ago. The AC system cas a small leak and I want to try to fix the problem with R-12 Super Seal Stop Leak. I read about it and it is designed to not only repair your basic leaks, as in o-rings, gaskets and hoses, but will also seal leaks in METAL! It will repair the metal in your Evaporator, Condenser, Compressor, Accumulator, and Receiver/Drier. Super Seal contains micrometal fibers that react when they come into contact with the air, therefore forming a patch on almost any surface. The can is only 1.5oz. but it is more than enough to take care of any A/C leak.

My car is a strong #2 with original paint and interior. Nothing has been done to the engine, ETC. The AC works but I have a leak in the evaporator and want to try anything before I spend hundreds of dollars on all new AC parts.

I do not know that much about AC systems but can add freon. I just need to know about how many cans of R-12 or Freeze 12 that the system holds. My friend charged it 5 years ago and I remember he used many cans but I forgot the total. The guy that I am buying the freeze 12 from says it should take about 4 cans but for some reason I remember putting more in.

Love the forum & will send in a picture of my car soon.
Re: Cans of R-12 needed to fill AC system
February 27, 2009 01:33PM

What ever you do, DO NOT use any Freeze 12. It does not work..trust me.

I have been a mechanic all my life and I am ASE certified as well.I f you want to keep that beautiful goat original, let someone repair it correctly. Those systems usually any where from 3 1/2 to 4 pounds of R-12.

The compressor (which is an A-6) i believe, is meant to run on the R-12 freon and not that other JUNK.If you use the superseal stop, it will only do one thing which is plug up the entire system. Chances are it would plug up the condenser, and the expansion valve as well.

What you can do is have someone put a special dye in the system and that will show you where the leak is
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