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66 GTO 4sp console restoration

Posted by Paul01 
66 GTO 4sp console restoration
September 04, 2007 07:58PM
Would like to know if anyone has tips on restoring a 66 GTO 4sp console. I know the obvious sections are chrome but the area between the ribs is black. Is this a particular paint and is there a particular primer needed also? Any info would be much appreciated
Re: 66 GTO 4sp console restoration
October 23, 2007 07:47PM
I am restoring my 66 goat and I would think taping off the chrome and using black spray paint would be very time consuming but should take care of your problem. Would you happen to know what the hidden number inside the drivers side door post is? I was looking inside the left speaker hole to check the condition, rust etc, and I found seven verticle numbers stamped on the outside wall (There were actually six numbers and one letter). Would you happen to know what those numbers mean? Are they ID numbers? (The left speaker hole is to the left of the gas brake and clutch pedals). I hope you get satisfaction for your console problem.
Re: 66 GTO 4sp console restoration
November 23, 2007 01:40AM
Thank you for your response. I haven't viewed this site since before your post. I am not aware of the numbers you described but, I will look for them and post any info obtained. Good luck with your restoration.
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