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If I see one more GTO fake called a 'Tribute Car or Clone".....

Posted by Tano 
If I see one more GTO fake called a 'Tribute Car or Clone".....
November 23, 2007 11:36PM
I am new to the board, but an old timer when it comes to GTO's. I am in the process of restoring my 70 convertible and have been on ebay a lot lately parts hunting. What the heck is going on with people listing leman's as GTO "tribute cars or clones"? I remember a time not that long ago when if you came across a guy trying to pawn his Lemans off as a GTO and no one would even consider buying the car. Keep in mind I feel that a well restored lemans definately has it's place and should be treated as such and is valuable, just don't call it a GTO. Guess I am just venting because I am sick of looking at parts that came off a tempest and the guy is listing it as coming from a Ram Air V judge convertible, blah, blah blah,and asking prices like it really did, you get the picture. I see the same things with chevelle SS's and 442's.
Sorry for the rant, hope it didn't bother others or waste too much space.
Re: If I see one more GTO fake called a 'Tribute Car or Clone".....
December 15, 2007 10:37PM
I couldn't agree more!

I write freelance for a car magazine, no names but its' initials are MCR, and I'm becoming adept at telling the real ones from the pretenders. There are plenty of frauds out there, and many of them were built a long time ago. Y'gotta do your homework!

Nicest one I've ever seen is a '69 Charger built from a 318 car, immaculate in every way, down to the stripe, but with no R/T lettering, no pretending to the role... Still a magnificent car...

When confronted by a cloner, I like to use the line that Robert B Parker, the 'Spenser' detective novel author says... "A thing is what it is, it's not something else".

Lemme tell ya... THAT pisses 'em off!
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