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70-72 Wheel Cap inserts. Red, Black PMD letters; new.

Posted by Old Tiger 
70-72 Wheel Cap inserts. Red, Black PMD letters; new.
March 15, 2009 04:59AM
If anyone is interested, I have 4 Rally II wheel cap inserts that I'd like to sell.

Years back my dad bought them for me thinking he was doing me good; but I have a 67 Sport Coupe.....I needed Black ones he thought and bought Red.

I needed to get the right ones; so these have been in a drawer ever since and still in their individual plastic baggies. I got them at Spring Carlisle but don't remember what vendor or company....if it helps or even means anything they're marked RPW64 on each bag.

Each one has the same tooling mark on the outer edge; this edge however is covered by the wheel caps and is something that is un noticeable once in the chorme cap.

I looked them up on a GTO parts site, a set of 4 would cost you 143.80 @ 35.95 each.

Anyone interested? I'll sell them (4) for 115.00. I'll pack them well in a bubble pack envelope. They need to be on a car and not in a drawer.

e-mail me at rodmaker@ptd.net (not making hotrods.....handcrafted Bamboo Fly Rods)

Thanks in advance,

Re: 70-72 Wheel Cap inserts. Red, new, make me an offer....
April 03, 2009 01:56AM
Does anyone out there wish to make me a reasonable offer on 4 PMD Red Inserts for wheel caps? (inserts only, no chrome) They are new reproduction parts. I see them on e-bay for 27.50 per.and if I am not loosing my mind, I saw them for 35 bucke per insert on a web site...

I'll accept a reasonable offer. Someone out there has got to need them.

If you know anyone that may need them; it's a chance to get a really good deal. The darn things are doing me no good and deserve to be on a car.

Please drop me a line via e-mail rodmaker@ptd.net
Re: 70-72 Wheel Cap inserts. Red, Black PMD letters; new.
July 17, 2009 08:59PM
I remember buying mine for $11.00 from a gm dealership here in Canada and your right they are pricey now.. If you put them on evil bay for $20.00 each Im sure you would sell them and the shipping would be cheap anywhere in the world as they would fit in a bubble envelope easily.. Good luck...
I would buy them but I have a couple spares

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