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66 gto interior question

Posted by brire6 
66 gto interior question
May 03, 2009 10:40PM
My uncle has an 66 gto sedan. I want to get him new seat upholstry and was wondering what is the difference between the 66 sedan seats and the 66 coupe seats. I dont want to order the wrong seats. Also if anyone knows of a website with this information I would appreciate it.
Re: 66 gto interior question
May 04, 2009 01:21PM
I'm thinking you mean the difference between the Coupe and the Hardtop (there is no such thing as a GTO "Sedan"). The Coupe is also known as the Post Coupe - for the post (aka B-Pillar) that is just in front of the rear window. The Hardtop has no B-Pillar.

General interior differences are between years (e.g. 66 vs 67). While Convertibles did have different interior pieces (in the rear) I don't believe there was any difference between the Coupe and the Hardtop.

Good places to check for parts are Year One, Ames Performance, The Paddock. See here...
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