Vehicle History
March 14, 2010 09:45PM
My 'Bird has a 428 engine. This winter I'm rebuilding the engine vs. replacing because I enjoy the idea this may be one of those Factory/Dealer conversions. I realize the liklihood is rare, but what the hey?

I bought the car from Daniel Schmidt Dealership in St. Louis in 2005. The Build sheet from PHS identifies Zone 12, Dealer 596. After much research, I was able to determine this Dealership is Niesbeth-Siedel Chevy-Pontiac-Buick in Trenton, MO. I've done a Google search on this Dealership and there is nothing that appears?

I understand Royal Pontiac did conversions like this on a select few Firebirds in '68, and there were 2 other Dealerships that had a similar agreement with GM.
Does any one know who these other 2 Dealers were and how one could verify this is one of these cars?

The VIN identifies the car was built in the Lordstown OH plant. PHS identifies it was built with a 2BBL 350. The car is an Automatic on the Column.
Re: Vehicle History
May 14, 2010 03:00AM
nice info

dont know the 2 dealers though

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