Searching for '64 Tempest/'71 Trans Am Grey Ghost reference...
February 28, 2012 03:34PM
Greetings and first post here,

Working a bit on a 1:25 scale '64 Tempest/'71 SCCA Trans Am Series Bob Tullius Grey Ghost and searching for research material. I'm active on other boards, namely the Boss 302 Registry as well as the Camaro Research Group, and am happy to have much already. In particular, I vaguely remember a Petersen's Publishing photo spread in '71 or '72 depicting the car torn down on a suburban driveway that might yield a few views deemed uncommon. Car Craft magazine has a website-based quick retrospective of the old SCCA Trans Am that features one image, whereas the Motor Trend Classic publication (does it still exist I wonder?) had a photo spread titled 'The Trans Am You've Never Seen' that has the same image I do believe. While definitive information about the car obviously isn't in the cards, I nevertheless want to do honor to what will always be remembered as an eclectic and neat effort by dedicated Pontiac heads.

I focus upon old SCCA Trans Am topics in scale, whereas what I do can be sampled via the fotki account 'bmwmalaga'. In 2006 someone did a resin transkit of the Grey Ghost based upon the 1:25th AMT '64 GTO annual kit release with a flared bodyshell and decals amongst other things. Apparently about 25 of them were produced, whereas I am very pleased to have one. Any guidance would be very much appreciated, whereas any help I can afford with regards to revealing what combination of parts I employed seem to have worked best, techniques, advice if you will I always try to freely share. Kind regards to your community...

Michael K.
SE Michigan
Swede70 here and elsewhere...
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