Found A 1970 Gto Need Help!!! ASAP
May 20, 2012 01:50PM
Hello everyone, I found a 1970 gto for sale and I looked at it and it seemed pretty good. I have the vin number and I wanted to know if anyone could help me or make sure it isn't a leman's and if it is worth the 4,000 he's asking. The vin number is 242370B1145DI.
Thanks, Bill

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Re: Found A 1970 Gto Need Help!!! ASAP
May 21, 2012 06:48AM
242 is for GTO so its not a lemans ==if you want to know what options and such it came with --contact PHS automitive services at 586-781-5164 , for $ 65 you will get in the mail a copy of the build sheet listing options /engine.trans etc. and he will probaly call you u back with confirmation on the car . money well spent when trying to verify a pontiac
Re: Found A 1970 Gto Need Help!!! ASAP
June 02, 2012 03:57PM
Ok thank you. I will contact him and get a copy of that. But do you think its a good deal for 4,000?
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