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Stencil "Made In France"

Posted by Terry Reuland 
Stencil "Made In France"
November 17, 2002 12:56AM
My Vespa 400 has "MADE IN FRANCE" stenciled in white on the gray sound deadening padding under the hood. Is this standard on imported models? Do others have this, was it original, perhaps dealer added? Any info appreciated.
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Re: Stencil "Made In France"
November 21, 2002 02:05AM
Hi Terry---All of the cars that were imported (to the best of my knowledge) were stenciled at the factory w/ "Made In France". I have never seen an imported car w/out the stencil, unless those pads were missing.
If I recall correctly, you are in the process of getting together a Vespa 400 registry. FYI I just imported a '58 (early) Vespa 400 from france, a Euro model, that is white, in 3+ original condition , mixer delete (no mixers were included on these cars) serial #006072.
If there is any other info I can be of help, please let me know, and please keep in touch.
Best Regards,
Re: Stencil "Made In France"
November 22, 2002 01:24AM
Thanks, I've recut a stencil to duplicate the lettering. If anyone wants to use it or copy it, let me know.
The registry is available by email but I don't think it's very accurate since owners fail to update when they sell or move or simply have not sent their info in, which can be emailed by completing the on line registry: [www.seidata.com]
(It's case sensative)
Congratulations on your "new" Vespa 400.
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