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September 30, 2004 01:04PM
Hi All!!

We are compiling a picture book called "Very Small Cars" and we need your pictures!... they must be cleared for copyright, so please don't send anything you don't own, but anyone who's picture we use will get a mention in the book (of course!) We are looking for interesting microcar shots, pictures of cars doing something - driving, parked, open doors, closed doors with people inside, on fire, on trailers, wrecks (lots of these please!) or in top condition... old photos as well as new too! Please email us your pictures (must be fairly high quality, though the book is only going to be the size of a CD) to bubble@monkeychops.com - tell us anything interesting too, about the car or how/why you have it etc... might just spice it up a bit more...

Many thanks for all your help in advance! It'll be a fantastic book, great for any collection, and even better if you or more to the point your car is in it!

Twinkle and Jones smiling smiley

by the way - www.monkeychops.com is our website... (click on 'fifi the bubble' to see our little Isetta!)
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