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Vespa 400 for sale

Posted by Larry Newberry 
Vespa 400 for sale
November 17, 2004 11:28PM
We have just taken in on trade a 1/2 restored Vespa 400. It is running and the brakes are up on it. All the metal work has been done. Floor has been repaired with metal to look orginal. Car has new tires. It does need a small amount of filler added to block and sand body to make it look great. We are over stocked at this time, so we have lowered the price to $3250.00 for a quick sell. Call Larry 865 523-2877 or go to www.microcarlot.com
Re: Vespa 400 for sale
December 18, 2004 08:52PM
There is now a complete parts catalogue for the Vespa 400 car at www.micocarlot.com under the parts section. You can download and print it. Then you will have the complete catalogue for future reference.

Re: Vespa 400 for sale
December 18, 2004 09:39PM
Hi Larry,

Thanks for the parts catalog, well done! When are you going to publish a complite list of available parts + price for each part?

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