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Vespa 400 for sale

Posted by Dave Rademacher 
Vespa 400 for sale
November 01, 2005 08:40PM
I have 2 Vespa 400 for sale in Minnesota. One is a clean unrestored 1960 and the other is a 1961 parts car. The 60 has a very nice interior and clean but not perfect body. Solid floor pan, exterior has very small rust spot behind right door and slight wrinkle on rt ft fender. It's missing 1 headlight ring and tail light lenses. Top is in very nice shape, but needs new window plastic. Engine is free and turns over easy.
Extra car has no floor to speak of but has seats, top bows,running gear front and rear. Also all 4 hubcaps, good windshield and side glass. Doors have rust on bottom but very saveable.
I'm asking $3600.00 for the pair. I know this is a mistake selling them but I have to many projects and I want to see somebody get this car on the road insted for sitting in my shop.
I have photos I can send if you are really interested.
Dave Rademacher
Mpls MN
Re: Vespa 400 for sale
November 02, 2005 02:54AM
In the last 24 hours I have talked to a lot of very helpful and knowledgable people about the Vespa 400. I am finding out that this car may be pretty difficult to obtain especially in good working order because of the problem of finding parts for them. Those that have good running cars are more apt to hang on to them because they probably have put a lot of hard work into them. I would like to see the pictures of the 400's that you have. Have you had the 60 running? In your opinion is this project going to be a massive undertaking? I do not want to take on a project that is too over my head.
Re: Vespa 400 for sale
November 02, 2005 03:26AM
Boy, what a tough question!!! As you prob know it can be as hard as you want or make it be. The way the car is right now It would should not be to great of a project to make the car a very fun unrestored runner. On the other hand you could spend more than the car will ever be worth and make a great show piece to have in a glass case. I know this may not be what you want to hear but I want to be as honest as I can be.
I myself was looking for the fun car to drive. I have a lot of motorcycles and scooters and from my view I have more fun with a spray can paint job bike that looks great from 20 feet than one that I have to worry about getting dust on. I really opened a can or worms on that one and will prob hear about it but that is just me.
I have the photos and will get them off to you so you can see what there is.
Dave R
Re: Vespa 400 for sale
November 18, 2005 08:21AM
where in minnesota are you? am very interested in buying vespa 400's and would love to come and see them or see photos (I am in shoreview - a northern suburb of the twin cities
Re: Vespa 400 for sale
November 20, 2005 12:17PM
hey dave, you still out there or are these cars sold? drop me a line - very interested if you still have them...
Re: Vespa 400 for sale
November 26, 2005 02:38AM
hey dave rademacher, I have been trying to reach you throught the vespa message board but never seem to get through... trying one more time - if you still have the cars - please contact me through the forum or directly at dnels00@msn.com
Re: Vespa 400 for sale
April 19, 2011 08:06AM
Hey Dave, do you have that vespa with now, or its sold!! if there is availability of vespa then please drop mail to me.
Dump Trucks
Re: Vespa 400 for sale
August 08, 2011 05:35AM
I have already a Vespa 400 but still i am looking for vespa 400dealers parts. If there available in good condition please send me the PM.

Motorcycles for sale
Re: Vespa 400 for sale
December 22, 2011 04:09AM
are they still available?
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