Electric Vespa
September 02, 2006 08:13PM
Hi guys

I am a new member. I am Andre Kriel and live in Worcester, South
Africa. I bought a half restored and incomplete Vespa 400. Missing
items are: taillights, soft top, badges, wheel covers, instrument
cluster, engine and possibly some other stuff. Someone intalled an
incomplete Goggomobile engine which never ran as far as I know.

Please don't crucify me for the next words: I am going to convert the
car to electric!

The reasons is:
1.I will never find an original engine.
2.Fuel in this country is very expensive.
3.The car is perfect for that. It's very light and cute.
4.I always wanted to do such a project and believe electric cars is the
5.I have the knowledge and ability.
6.I have the stuff. I have a nice 48V forklift motor, a 1000Amp IGBT and
and other stuff. I have not decided on batteries yet.

Don't worry, except for converting it to electric, the rest will be as
original as possible. I will have to mount most of the batteries in the
nose and the rest at the back with the motor. I aim for a top speed of
80Km/h and about 10 sec to get there and a range of 50km as we live in
a small town and I don't want to add more than a 100Kg of batteries.

Any comments?

Andre Kriel

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