Wanted West Coast Vespa 400 Project
August 11, 2009 03:46AM
Wanted West Coast Vespa 400 Project
Not looking for a restored 400.
I would consider anything within 600 miles of Los Angeles, CA.
Something I could pick up myself.
Re: Wanted West Coast Vespa 400 Project
June 30, 2010 02:47AM
Hello are you still looking for a Vespa 400 project car? I live in Fresno, Calif. not too far from you.I am going to post this car on Ebay soon if I cannot sell it here.The car is missing it's engine/transmission assembly,has all four wheels and hubcaps,has it's seats,bumpers,steering-It rolls despite crappy Dunlop 4.40.10 tires that are falling apart,good body-very little rust.Was originally a Baby Blue color, now painted yellow.Windshield is present but cracked,sliding windows are there but one vent window has been replaced with plastic.All in all a very restorable little car,I can send photos if you like and then we can discuss price if you are still interested in buying a 400. Thank-you, Jim (559) 313-6471
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