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Any info about replacing parts of floorboard??

Posted by Joe58vespa 
Any info about replacing parts of floorboard??
February 16, 2011 05:37AM
Hello I am brand new to this site. I have just bought my Vespa 400 and am beginning to do homework for the restoration. My car has a solid body and the big issue I need to address early are rusted out floor sections (two areas basically where the driver and passengers feet are) Has any one had experience replacing sections of the floorboard? Does any have advice/pictures of restoration or info related to the floor?
Thanks in advance
Re: Any info about replacing parts of floorboard??
February 25, 2011 09:29PM
Joe, I suggest a visit to [www.microcarlot.com] Ray Newberry, <microcarlot1@yahoo.com>) and ask for help. Depending on your welding skills and metal work you have it made.
Not sure if Terry Reuland is in here (treuland@pol.net), this was a suggestion, he has been a great help:
"Re: Another one bieng painted, Posted by: Terry Reuland (IP Logged) Date: April 04, 2005 10:13AM
Glenn, I refurbished my rear shelf/wall by coating with SEM Color Coat, #15393, medium gray (it's made for coating plastics etc. in a spray can). It's an excellent color match and a flexible finish. You might try coating the black material you have with it and see if that works."
Have a look at this URL: [autos.groups.yahoo.com].
Where did you get your Vespa 400?
Re: Any info about replacing parts of floorboard??
March 01, 2011 06:07PM
Thanks Chuck,

I have contacted him and am going to make a trip to Tennessee.
I have begun to remove the parts off of the car and it looks like I am in great shape with basically all of the car body except for the sections of the floor that are gone. I get more excited everytime I start turning wrenches on it.
I got the car on ebay, you might have seen it on there a month ago or so. It was a blue vespa. I have an idea of what I will do as far as cutting out and replacing my floorboard... but anyone with stories or pictures of their own new floor fabrication, i'd love to hear.
Re: Any info about replacing parts of floorboard??
November 15, 2011 08:06PM
Hello All,

I am happy to report that our Vespa 400 has a brand new floor in it with steel floors much thicker than original. the car is getting very close to restored. Thanks to the wonderful help from Microcarlot the little gem is running and driving.

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