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Yellow Pollen Stain

Posted by Amy H 
Yellow Pollen Stain
October 30, 2004 06:21PM
<HTML>What is the safest way to remove those nasty little yellow pollen dots from the plastic surface (bumber areas)? It's for a white '05 Corolla.</HTML>
Re: Yellow Pollen Stain
October 30, 2004 07:02PM
<HTML>I know this may sound silly, so please forgive me if it does, but have you tried washing the car?

I live in South Texas and pollen is nasty here at certain times of the year but never have I had pollen "stain". It always washes off so it may be that, if they are really stains, that your "pollen" may be something else, like yellow paint overspray?

Let us know in more specific detail what these are.....in other words are they raised bumps, does car soap and water remove them, is it pollen season where you live?


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Re: Yellow Pollen Stain
October 31, 2004 12:02AM
<HTML>I work for Toyota, I would have to say the same thing as Anthony, wash the car then polish these areas by hand, then apply paint sealant or wax. If this does not solve the issue it would have to be some other form of contamination.</HTML>

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Re: Yellow Pollen Stain
October 31, 2004 11:10PM
<HTML>Sounds more like "ferrous oxides" or "ferrous metal" on the fasica/bumper.

Clay em all you want, they will reappear in a month or so, just take a look at what Ford, Hyundai and Mazda, (DaimlerChrysler-Canada has one as well), in their Technical Service Bulletins.

Take a look at the first three TSB's at www.autoint.com under the OEM/TSB Section.


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Re: Yellow Pollen Stain
October 31, 2004 11:18PM
<HTML>I've seen tiny yellow pollen spots from Maple trees. When you wash, use hot water. It should remove most of the spots. If not, you can use a clay bar on the car which should remove all but the most persistent spots.
for those you can use prep solvent or mineral spirits in a spray bottle. Spray it on, let it set for a minute, then wipe it off with a microfiber towel. If you have to use either of these two solvents, remember to wax or seal the area afterwards as they will remove any waxes or sealants from the surface.</HTML>

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Re: Yellow Pollen Stain
November 01, 2004 01:31AM
<HTML>Anyway you can take a pic and post it?

Stephen, can you please go into detail on how the Sears Package works? I know whats involved but dn't know the benefits given by Sears.</HTML>

Take care,

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Re: Yellow Pollen Stain
November 01, 2004 03:16PM

Sears Package??? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .</HTML>

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