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Customized Email Form Reply
Customized Form Reply pages are better than conventional Email tags as the user supplies critical information with their initial contact. Effective form validation, where the user is required to supply certain information, can be part of the form. Customized functions such as data gathering and reporting is also available.

Owner Controled Dynamic Content
Updates to your web site can be made from a secure administration page, giving you control and flexibility of the content in your site. Examples include company news, content listings and product and specification changes.

Custom Artwork
Custom Artwork is available which will give your site the look and feel you want. Artwork samples are available at http://toyserver.com/graphics_samples.html with qualification details at http://toyserver.com/graphics_overview.html. Note: A new window will be open in your browser.

Special programming functions
Customized functions involving mathematical calculations, data gathering and reporting, Web site statistics and user interfaces can be accommodated.

You can make yourself look like the big guys with a customized e-commerce site which will look and feel like your own site instead of just like thousands of others. Special functions, such as coupons and targeted promotions can be supplied. See the Ancient Treasures site for a sample. Note: A new window will be open in your browser.