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water tank

Posted by paganbt 
water tank
January 11, 2007 01:48PM
The tank I have now takes too much room in my van.The tank is 250 gal.the reason I got it that big, was that I got a good deal on it.I am looking for another tank.Should I get a vertical storage tank or do I need a rectangular one? The other ? how do I get spot free water? And one more ? can the mobile guys e-mail me some pics. of thier set up.

Thank you for your time

Jorge Hernandez
Re: water tank
January 12, 2007 01:40AM
A vertical tank whaen it's full would scare me in a van because of being so top heavy. I dont even know if it could be secured well enough, if you took off to fast it might pull anything out and blow right out the back door! There are many different filter systems on the market that may or may not work well, not sure I dont use one.

Manager of detail Depmnt, Hadwin White Buick, GMC
Myrtle Beach, SC
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