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Hard Plastics...

Posted by Toddco Bodywerkes 
Hard Plastics...
January 12, 2002 04:38AM
Some of the newer vehicles are applying the hard gray ABS type of plastic panels on the upper rocker panels. This special plastic is to prevent any rock debris along with gravel & also small stones from damaging the upper portions of the normal painted panels. Since SUV's are becoming more popular, you will notice some of them wearing this type of protection too.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is a prime example of this type of panels. They are very noticable with the gray color that they come in. For simple maintenance for these panels is soap & water. Yes, with age the panels will need to be treated with a plastic protectant to preserve these costly panels. The vinylex system from Lexol does a very nice job preserving these panels. Dirt will not instantly cling to the treated panels such as Armor All does on some plastics & rubber components.

For simple spot removal, AVOID using Simple Green due to the fact that the PH is too high & will cause severe discoloring of the gray plastic. Simple soap & water can be used. For stubborn areas, WD-40 will do the job as long as you apply a protecant over the treated areas.
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